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Meeting Labour Market Needs for FSL Instruction

Meeting labour market needs for FSL instruction has become an increasing challenge for all English language public school boards in Ontario. OPSBA has led the FSL Partnership Committee since 2017. The Partnership conducted research to inform workable solutions to address the growing gap between the number of students enrolling in French language programs and the recruitment and retention of sufficient numbers of FSL teachers and support staff.

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Labour Market Partnership

Three intersecting themes emerged from the work begun in the Labour Market Partnership:

  1. Research across Canada identified 5 high-yield strategies for more successful FSL teacher recruitment.

  2. French proficiency assessments play a high-stakes role in FSL teacher hiring decisions, need to be reliable and valid, and create starting points in supporting French language development. 

  3. School leaders are motivated to support FSL teachers and their work; evidence also points to a desire for opportunities to identify and discuss their specific leadership needs in order to optimize their leadership impact. 
Implementation of Evidence-Based Strategies cover

What Resources
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High-Yield Recruitment Strategies

This section contains a collection of resources to assist school districts with specific recruitment and hiring strategies.

FSL Teacher Recruitment Guide for English-Language School Boards cover

Reliable & Equitable Assessment of French Language Proficiency

This section provides school districts and faculties of education with information and guidance in developing effective language proficiency assessment practices with FSL teachers entering the job market.

French-Language Proficiency Assessment for French as a Second Language Teaching A Toolkit and Resource Guide

Supporting School Administrators with FSL Programs

This section provides resources for school leaders to optimize their leadership impact on professional learning and retention of FSL teachers.

Compendium of Evidence‑informed Strategies and Practices to Support School Administrators with FSL Programs cover