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High-Yield Recruitment Strategies

This initiative had 2 objectives:

  1. To conduct research to inform higher-potential recruitment strategies and test these strategies using collaborative partnerships and pilot projects.

  2. To develop a guide for English-language school boards that supports the effective recruitment and hiring of FSL teachers. The FSL Teacher Recruitment Guide for English-Language School Boards is a resource for English-language school boards in Canada.

FSL Teacher Recruitment Guide for English-Language School Boards

The Recruitment Guide is intended to provide human resources (H.R.) professionals, program superintendents/directors, curriculum leaders, communications officials, and information technology (I.T.) specialists with specific strategies that have been used in school boards across Canada. The strategies in the Guide are informed by research conducted as part of the initiative to produce a comprehensive list of higher-yield strategies for recruitment and hiring of FSL teachers across Canada.

This video looks at the research related to the recruitment and hiring of FSL teachers and introduces several promising practices:

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“Growing Our Own” Strategy

FSL Educators

This strategy refers to ensuring that we continually value, engage and build capacity of our existing FSL staff:

FSL Students

Our future FSL teachers are students in our classrooms today. This section includes resources and supports to encourage core/basic, extended and French Immersion students to remain in FSL programs to graduation and to consider a career in FSL education through: