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Supporting School Administrators with FSL Programs

This initiative is comprised of two concurrent components:

  1. Pan-Canadian research and professional dialogue with school leaders to explore and document the leadership challenges and opportunities related to FSL instruction in schools to gather practices and strategies that have the potential to positively affect FSL teacher retention and professional support.

  2. Development and implementation of facilitated online learning modules to support school administrators who lead FSL programs in their schools in partnership with the Ontario Principals’ Council and Catholic Principals’ Council | Ontario.

Compendium of Evidence‐informed Strategies and Practices to Support School Administrators with FSL Programs

The Compendium is intended to provide school administrators with a menu of research-informed strategies and practices that have been identified and effectively used in school boards across Canada to address challenges in supporting FSL instruction in schools.

The research underpinning this Compendium is summarized in this video:

Appendix A: Self-Assessment cover
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